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Kai came to Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue after he was spotted wandering the streets in what can only be described as beyond horrific condition!  He came into the rescue a walking skeleton, raggedy and covered in open sores where his heavily matted coat had torn his skin. He had a raging infection in his mouth and rotting teeth. How this little mite was still alive we simply do not know.   If you havent followed his story on our Facebook page pop over and you can see his journey from start to end.

After recovering from all his struggles Kai is now finally ready to find his forever home having been given the all clear from the vets.

Amazingly despite all he has suffered his blood work and x rays are great, he’s had extensive dental work completed, neutered and deemed fit and healthy to leave us.

We would be very much like to find a home where he can venture into the outdoors to laze in the sun and come in and rest by a warm fire or radiator and enjoy attention and fuss. Equally if you feel you have a large indoor space where you feel you can offer mental and physical stimulation for him then we are open to considering applications from indoor only homes meeting this criteria.

If you feel you could have a place on your sofa and love to give an absolute warrior of a wee boy then please read our adoption FAQ and get in touch by clicking on the Adoption Enquiry button below.

Kai is waiting to hear from you.

Indoor / Outdoor

Both Indoor and outdoor access homes will be considered.

Cats / Dogs:No to both

Cats / Dogs: No to both

Kids: Older 10yrs +

Health Issues: Ongoing Stomatitis. Care needed as condition flares and 6 monthly checks with a vet.

Special Requirements: See Health Issues.Grooming need will be at least 2 to 3 times a week as his coat regrows as its very long.

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We’re delighted to introduce the very handsome Lenny.  He arrived at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue as a long term stray but on arrival it was very clear he had been owned at some point in his life.   He is lively, enjoys a good play with the feather tickler and bunny kicking his catnip toys now that he’s learnt toys are safe and fun!

Lenny is looking for an adult only home with no plans for children or possibly an experienced cat household with older children who can understand that affection needs to be on Lenny’s terms until he’s learnt to trust you.  With living on the streets for so long not everyone has been kind to him so it can take him a little time to warm to strangers.

When Lenny first arrived his coat was badly matted and filthy, full of twigs and he just looked miserable. His coat condition is returning slowly and now he’s all neutered and vet checked he’s looking forward to finding someone to love him unconditionally and teach him what love is in a warm and safe home.

If you are interested in Lenny and can offer him what he needs, please apply below – he is waiting to hear from you!

Name: Lenny


Sex: Male

Colour: Brown Tabby & White

Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Age: 5yrs old

Indoors or Outdoors Home: Outdoors access, must be away from busy roads.

Dogs / Cats:No to Dogs and Cats

Dogs / Cats: No to Dogs and Cats

Good With Children: No - strictly no children now or in the future. May consider home with older teenagers with cat experience.

Special Requirements: A quiet, adult only home.

2+ found for rescue