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Ralph at the Doodle Trust

Ralph at the Doodle Trust

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Ralph is a 20-month-old Bordoodle. Ralph is from working stock and has a lot of Collie traits. He loves to learn and is very quick at picking things up. He can be quite cheeky and will try to push his luck, but being firm with him and giving him firm clear commands works well. Given the right training methods, he is an amazing dog, and he will repay you with loyalty and affection. He has boundless energy which he does need to burn off. As Ralph is hyperalert, we are looking for an owner who lives very very rurally with no neighbours (ideally on a farm, smallholding or country estate), away from traffic and built-up areas, where he can relax without barking at everything that passes the window. He wouldn't cope in a home with young children or one where a lot is going on as he would find it difficult to relax in those situations. He gets on well with other dogs and loves to play, so we are also looking for a home where there is already another young steady dog that he can learn from. All in all, Ralph is a gorgeous boy and, in the right circumstances, will make a loving loyal companion.

Ralph is being fostered in Dumfries and Galloway.
Ralph's adoption fee is £400
If you are interested in adopting Ralph, please complete the adoption enquiry form on our website.